Fatty15, the revolutionary new supplement that replaces your omega-3s

Fatty15, the revolutionary new supplement that replaces your omega-3s

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Although omega-3 fish oil supplements have long been believed to support our heart health, you might be surprised to learn that this may not be the case. In fact, the largest placebo-controlled clinical trial to date showed that omega-3 supplements taken daily for 5 years did not reduce the risk of heart disease, the Depression, autoimmune diseaseWhere cognitive decline.

Even the National Institute of Health concluded that omega-3 supplements do not reduce the risk of heart disease, and the evidence is inconclusive or does not indicate that these supplements are beneficial for most conditions.

So how could the world have been so wrong about the omega-3 story? It now appears that the omega-3s in fish may have been a red herring for what is becoming the most essential nutrient. This little-known, small-but-mighty good fat is called C15:0 (pronounced see-fifteen), and it’s the first essential fatty acid to be discovered in 90 years.

Drs. Eric and Steph Venn-Watson, a husband-wife, medical-veterinarian team and military family, discovered the importance of C15:0 in 2015. As part of their mission to improve global health, they have developed fat15, a science-backed, award-winning, vegan, pure C15:0 supplement to support your long-term health and well-being, especially as you age.

Having 3 times the cellular benefits of top performing omega-3s, fat 15 supports your heart, metabolic, liver and immune health. As an added benefit, two out of three people report experiencing short-term benefits, including deeper sleep, improved mood and fewer snacks, within 6 weeks.

Restore your health and well-being today using fat15, an award-winning C15:0 supplement.

The surprising discovery of C15:0

For more than 60 years, the US Navy has cared for a population of bottlenose dolphins that live in San Diego Bay. Due to the good care they receive, dolphins in the sea live 50% longer than dolphins in the wild.

Interestingly, the Navy has found that dolphins age much like humans, including developing high cholesterol, chronic inflammation, and even arthritis. While some dolphins have developed these conditions associated with aging, others have remained healthy as they age.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology called metabolomics, Dr. Steph Venn-Watson assessed which nutrients in dolphin diets predicted the healthiest individuals. Surprisingly, she found that higher levels of omega-3s were not responsible for their long-term health. Instead, it was an odd-chain saturated fatty acid, called C15:0, that predicted the healthiest aging dolphins.

Since then, numerous studies have concluded that C15:0 is the first essential fatty acid discovered in 90 years. It means that our bodies require C15:0 to maintain base health. Since our bodies do not produce C15:0 on their own, however, we must regularly obtain certain amounts from our diet or supplements.

How C15:0 supports healthy aging

Today, numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies have shown that a higher C15:0 is linked to better long-term health, including better heart, metabolic, liver, and immune health.

Fatty15 (the world’s first and only pure C15:0 supplement) supports long-term health and well-being, especially as you age by:

  • Cell reinforcement (and you) against age-related breakdowns.

  • Repair mitochondrial functionwhich keeps our body’s energy producers running.

  • Activate receptors naturally (including PPARs and AMPK) which regulate our metabolism, immunity, mood, sleep and appetite.

  • Keep our DNA repair shops open by inhibiting HDAC, which keeps our cells functioning properly, especially as we age.

  • Helping our body make a metabolite called PDC, which naturally activates receptors throughout our body and brain that can improve sleep, calm mood, support brain health and improve joint comfort

Start Your New Healthy Aging Regimen Today.

Fatty15 took on omega-3s and won

Through a series of rigorous studies, fat15 pitted against the purest and most effective omega-3s (EPAs), and was found to be 3 times better, broader and safer.

So what did these peer-reviewed studies specifically find?

Fatty15 effectively:

  • Repaired cells relevant to immune, gut, heart, joint, skin, erythrocyte and lung health.

  • Has demonstrated over 36 cellular benefits, 3x more than omega-3s.

  • Repaired 10 out of 12 cell types, 2.5 times more than omega-3s.

  • Was safe for all 12 cell types at all doses, while omega-3 was toxic for 4 cell types at the highest dose.

With 3x the cellular benefits of leading omega-3s, fat15 is a better, broader, and safer option than omega-3 fish oil supplements.



A need to review fish oil supplements

The use of fish oil supplements began in the 1850s as a relatively simple and crude way of using fish liver oil to treat serious vitamin D deficiencies. Aside from moving the fish oil from a scoop to a capsule, not much has changed. What has changed, however, is the recognition of the many limitations of omega-3 supplements, including the following:

  • Omega-3 fish oil supplements can be rancid. Fish oils are very unstable and particularly sensitive to oxidation, both in the bottle and in our bodies. This is why fish oil supplements often go rancid and smell fishy. In one study, up to 1 in 2 bottles of fish oil supplements had measurable levels of oxidation. In comparison, fat15 contains a stable essential fatty acid, a non-oily powder that does not oxidize.

  • Omega-3 fish oil supplements vary in quality. Since fish oil supplements are marine oils that contain so much more than just omega-3s, the content of these oils can vary widely. In one study, 1 in 10 bottles of fish oil supplements had less omega-3s than listed on tit labels. In contrast, fat15 contains only one ingredient: >99.5% pure powder and essential C15:0.

  • Omega-3 fish oil supplements may contain contaminants. Fish store contaminants in their fat. For this reason, fish oil supplements may contain mercury, lead, and arsenic. Exposure to contaminants is one of the reasons the FDA limits the amount of fish and omega-3 fish oil supplements people should consume. In comparison, fat15 is free of contaminants and contains only the pure essential fatty acid, C15:0.

  • Omega-3 fish oil and krill supplements negatively impact marine life. Millions of tons of fish and krill are harvested each year to support the omega-3 supplement industry. Due to the negative effects of harvested krill on penguins, seals and whales, there have been calls to ban omega-3 krill oil supplements. In contrast, fat15 contains a vegan essential fatty acid and does not contain any animal by-products, including any fish.

Given the declining science, questionable quality, and low environmental impact of century-old omega-3 fish oil supplements, it’s time we brought essential fatty acids into the 21st century.

Your 21st Century Essential Fatty Acid

Bold15 is the first and only supplement of its kind. With 3x the cellular benefits of omega-3s, 99.5% pure C15:0 contains your essential, essential fatty acid in our patented, powdered form. It’s vegan and contains no fillers, no gluten, no oils, no pro-inflammatory saturated fats (like C16:0), and no artificial flavors.

“My joints are better. Dare I say a little younger? said Marty, a 15-year-old fat shopper. Meanwhile, Gary, another fat15 customer commented, “The first labs I’ve done since starting fat15 have shown amazing results.” In summary, after taking fat15, Michael shared, “I haven’t felt better in my life.”

Nutrition Insights Magazine even recognized the fat15 team with the “2021 Best in Industry Award” for their discovery and for being the first to market with C15:0. Quality Edit named fat15 among The best wellness products of 2022and FastCompany named fat15’s pure C15:0 ingredient a world-changing idea in 2022. The breakthrough discovery by the fat15 team of C15:0 as an essential fatty acid was even a 2022 TEDx Conference!

Healthy aging, delivered directly to your cells.

With its ability to support your long-term health and well-being, including metabolic, heart, immune, and liver health, fat15 has become a better, broader, and safer option than fish oil supplements. Omega 3. A decade of advanced science, over 30 patents and a >99.5% pure C15:0 powdered ingredient proves that the future of essential fatty acids is here.

Tap into fat15, the future of essential fatty acids, today.

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