Get Rid of Your Gut: This Workout Will Blast Holiday Fat

Get Rid of Your Gut: This Workout Will Blast Holiday Fat

When it comes to holidays, food, family, and friendship come first. Unfortunately, this usually results in increased food intake and decreased physical activity. Of course, the combination of the two can quickly lead to serious extra pounds and unwanted fluff around the midsection. The good news is that you can not only enjoy your holiday meals and downtime, but also burn holiday guts with just a few simple workouts a week. We’re here to share the #1 workout to get rid of your gut and burn your holiday indulgences.

When it comes to shedding a stubborn gut, a combination of calorie-burning and muscle-building activities is hands down the best approach to toning, leaning, and hitting the new year looking and feeling good. smelling completely amazing. We also recommend that you ditch your poor sleeping habits that lead to weight gain and incorporate exercise habits into your overall routine to accelerate weight loss as you age.

The following exercises are a great way to effectively add fat burning exercises to burn holiday guts. Perform each exercise for 10-20 repetitions, then move on to the next exercise, continuing until all exercises are complete. Rest for one minute and repeat three to five times for a full body workout that will get rid of your gut.

Jump squats

Demonstration of jump squats to get rid of your guts

Jump squats are a strong full-body exercise that can help build muscle while racking up some serious calorie burn. The best part is that you can do them anywhere with a high ceiling where you won’t hit your head when jumping. Oh, and this move requires no equipment!

To perform a jump squat, start standing with your feet hip-width apart. Do a quarter squat at half depth, then quickly come up through your hips, knees, and ankles. When you land, absorb the impact with another quarter/half squat, then use it to explode into the next rep.

Note: If squat jumps are too hard for you, normal bodyweight squats are a great regression.

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Side slits

woman performing side lunges

Side lunges are a great lower body exercise that hits the glutes, inner thighs, and core due to stability requirements. This exercise is essential if you want to get rid of your gut and blast excess fat from those holiday treats.

To perform a side lunge, start standing with your legs in a wide stance, similar to a side split position. Lower onto your left side by bending your left knee, keeping your right leg straight, and sitting your hips back and to the left. Drive with your left foot, pushing the ground “down and away” to return to the starting position. Perform the movement on the right leg, then alternate sides until all reps are complete.

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woman performing burpees step by step

Burpees are a stellar, explosive full-body movement. Not only will they elevate your heart rate and hit your major muscle groups, when performed correctly they will hit most major muscles in the human body.

To perform a burpee, start standing and quickly drop to your knees. Drop your hands to the floor as you place your feet behind you in a push-up position. Quickly jump from your feet to your hands to reach another squat position. Explode upwards with a jump and swing your arms up and over your head. When you land, absorb the impact by getting into the squat position and directly powering into the next burpee.

Note: Although burpees are best performed explosively, if necessary, you can use a lunge motion to pull yourself up, then perform a squat, then reposition yourself in a push-up position.

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