a photo of a man doing a bicep curl

I Did Bicep Curls Every Day For A Week – Here’s What Happened

Is there a better-known strength training exercise than the biceps curl? The push-up, maybe, but almost anyone can do a bicep curl, with the right weight, while I know plenty of people who can’t even do a single push-up. (A jaded friend of mine, who refuses to do weight training, dropped on the floor one summer afternoon to show the world that she’s easier than she looks. I think she’s still there.)

The biceps curl – “biceps” is the same word for singular and plural – is the move most people start when they want to grow their arms. The main functions of the biceps are flexing the elbow, rotating the forearm outward, and looking good when wearing a well-fitting t-shirt. Simply put, the curl involves engaging the biceps to lift a weight up to the shoulder. Nothing simpler, right? Bad.

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