11 Best Healthy Canned Soups

11 Best Healthy Canned Soups

As temperatures drop, many of us turn to a hot bowl of soup as comfort food. Soup can be nutritious and delicious, but if you lack the time, energy, or culinary skills to make a homemade batch of soup from scratch, you can choose from a wide range of canned varieties. To maintain a healthy diet, choose your soup carefully.

How to Choose a Healthy Canned Soup

When shopping for healthy canned soup, it’s important to read labels carefully. While you want to look at the ingredients (especially the sodium), it’s also important to consider the serving size. “As clear and concise as they appear, soup labels can be misleading,” notes Robin Millerholds a master’s degree in food and nutrition from New York University and author of eleven books, including the New York Times bestseller Quick meals. “Some are condensed (requiring water) and many expect you to split the box between two people.”

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