Vermont regulators unanimously approve health reform contract extension to all payors

Vermont regulators unanimously approve health reform contract extension to all payors

Vermont’s special contract governing Medicare payments will continue for at least one more year and likely two more, as a new multi-state, all-payors agreement is negotiated at the federal level.

The Green Mountain Care Board on Monday unanimously approved an extension of the state’s 2016 agreement with the federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, a move already approved by Governor Phil Scott’s administration. The original term of the contract was to expire at the end of this year.

“Without the extension, Vermont risks reverting to Medicare’s fee-for-service, which would disrupt long-term health care reform work and potentially result in the loss of essential Medicare investments in the Plan.” director for health and home support and services (SASH),” Jenney Samuelson, secretary of the Vermont Agency of Human Services, wrote in a letter to the care board supporting the expansion.

Payments from the Health Master Plan fund the agency’s “medical house” program, which is active in 134 primary care practices across the state. SASH is a wellness program with about 5,000 participants over the age of 65 based in 140 Vermont affordable housing communities, according to its operator, the nonprofit Cathedral Square. Total federal funds for these programs under the agreement are expected to reach $9.1 million in 2022.

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