MPD Reports: Mental Health Issues;  fraudulent banking affairs and a host of domestic disputes

MPD Reports: Mental Health Issues; fraudulent banking affairs and a host of domestic disputes

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period November 17-24, 2022. Due to its length, this report has been divided into five parts. This is the second part. Please note that an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Fraud – Blaine Street; MPD. 356 was made aware of a woman who lied about her identity during a traffic stop and signed a citation under the false name she gave. The traffic stop took place on 08/31/2022. Warrants have been issued against the woman named for driving with license suspension, hands-free law and the officer’s false name and date of birth. She is said to be staying in motels near the city limits.
  • Dispute – Carwood Dr. Subject having property damaging mental episode. Subject was turned over to Piedmont Walton for Order 1013.
  • 911 Hang Up – Truist Bank: The branch manager reported fraudulent activity regarding a named subject’s account. The account was corrected, but the branch leader needed a report for further investigation. Report taken.
  • Fraud – Pinnacle Bank – In reference to someone attempting to deposit a fraudulent check for $4,000 into their account. Report done.
  • Lost item – Sky Collision – Incident in another jurisdiction. Remedies have been given.
  • Wanted Person – Rue Alcovy in reference to a named female subject who was on site and had a probation violation warrant. She was transported to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Civil Issue – W. Fambrough St. Female subject reported that a male subject was threatening to evict her. Civil remedies advised.
  • Mental patient) Victory Dr/ S. Broad St. in reference to a subject who left a health benefit. Contact was made with subject who indicated he did not wish to go to hospital, no 10-13 had been signed, so he was cleared to leave.
  • Dispute – Glen Iris Dr. In reference to a female subject yelling at a male subject. recommended remedies.
  • Mentally Ill – Sorrels Street – Named subject requested to be taken to hospital. Everything is fine.
  • Drug Complaint – Kendall Ct. An unknown caller, called indicating someone was selling drugs to minors at the above location. Contact with the complainant could not be established. Additional patrols were carried out.
  • Dispute – Called by a third party caller. All parties were gone when the officers arrived. A negative contact has been established.
  • Traffic Stop – N. Broad @ GW Carver Dr. – Female subject was a passenger in a vehicle stopped for an equipment violation. She had an active WCSO arrest warrant and was taken into custody.
  • Fight – GW carver – In reference to a large group of men who fight in the streets at GW carver. When the policeman arrived, everyone dispersed and no one wanted to talk to the police.
  • Dispute – Maple Street – Complainant stated that a male subject on site was causing a disturbance. He lives at the residence and he was advised to go inside and the woman was advised to go home. Everything is fine.
  • Missing Juvenile – Old Mill Point In reference to a youngster who does not return home in time after going to the Boys and Girls Club. The minor returned to the residence before the officer arrived.
  • Gunshot wound – Deer Acres / Piedmont Walton – In reference to the sight of a black Dodge Durango running a red light on W. Spring St. After contacting the driver after the vehicle turned into Piedmont Walton, he the passenger was discovered to have been shot in the right side of his chest. CID notified.
  • Dispute – E Church St. – In reference to a named subject who threw the plaintiff’s daughter to the ground. Subject had left when officers arrived, pre-trial warrant process explained to complainant, report completed.
  • Dispute – Springer Lane – In reference to a verbal dispute. The parties denied needing police assistance. Everything is fine.
  • Argument – Gliding Lane – Verbal argument between two female subjects. Separate parts for the night.

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