Try Jessica Alba's Gym Workout, Straight From Her Trainer

Try Jessica Alba’s Gym Workout, Straight From Her Trainer

Jessica Alba began training with celebrity trainer and former NFL Raiders cheerleader Ramona Braganza when she was 17. She had just landed her breakthrough role as Max Guevara in the TV series Black Angel. “I worked with an ambitious and hardworking young actress for 12 years, whose career went from being barely recognized to being constantly followed by the paparazzi,” Braganza says. Form.

The pair have stayed in touch as friends for over 20 years and recently started training together again. “[Now]i see a confident and hardworking successful wife, mother and businesswoman [who’s] still acting!” says the trainer. (In addition to being the founder and creative director of The Honest Company, Alba stars in a new Netflix thriller called Trigger warning out December 1, 2022.)

Alba’s approach to wellness has also changed since she started working with Braganza. In addition to the physical aspects of training, Alba now prioritizes mental health practices such as meditation and breath work. “She often dedicates time in her day to short guided meditations,” Braganza says. Alba also practices Iyengar yoga, a type of yoga practice that involves holding poses for long periods of time. She “finds it very beneficial for stretching her body,” says Braganza.

This summer, the actress even visited an Ayurvedic spa for three weeks to partake in Panchakarma, a treatment designed to holistically balance and reset the body based on Ayurvedic principles, according to Braganza. (If this sounds familiar, you may have heard Kourtney Kardashian talk about this “cleanse” on a recent episode of The Kardashians.)

For more traditional workouts, Alba and Braganza typically head to the gym early in the morning, often listening to “contemporary and early music”. Her favorite cardio exercises are dancing, indoor cycling and hiking near her home. (See: Your Complete Guide to Cardio Dance)

Alba incorporates strength training with “moderate weight” into her routine, Braganza says. “She prefers the upper body over the legs,” the trainer adds, noting that the actress likes to use a weighted slam ball during her gym sessions. The fact that Alba is prone to osteoporosis also has an impact on her workouts, according to her longtime trainer. “We focus on aerial exercises using resistance, which helps increase bone density,” she says.

Ahead, check out a series of exercises from Braganza for a taste of what it’s like to train with the celebrity trainer.

Jessica Alba’s gym workout

How it works: This workout follows the Braganza 321 workout method. It includes three cardio segments, two strength segments circuits and a central segment. You’ll start with a cardio segment, then do the first circuit of three strength exercises one at a time, followed by a brief break. Do one to three sets of this strength circuit. Then back to cardio, followed by the second circuit of three exercises and a short break. Do one to three sets. Return to cardio one more time, then finish with two core exercises. To make the workout more advanced, add more time to each exercise.

What you will need: a set of dumbbells, a weight bench, an exercise ball, a mat, skates and a jump rope (modify with body weight, a stool and paper plates if you don’t have equipment)


A. Jump rope, jog or dance in place.

Warm up for 1 minute.

Route 1

Chest Press-Fly Combo

A. Sit on a stability ball with the dumbbells resting on your thighs.

B Step your feet forward keeping the dumbbells close to your body until your shoulders, upper back, and head rest on the ball. Keep the hips lifted.

VS Push the arms up until the heads of the dumbbells touch, then lower them to chest height with elbows outstretched and raise your arms until they are fully extended. He is a representative. Do three reps.

D. Extend arms with palms up. Raise your arms, turning the dumbbells face to face. Lower into the sides until they are parallel to the ground and raise yourself up as if hugging a large ball. He is a representative. Do three reps, then alternate with presses.

Do as many repetitions as possible (AMRAP) for 1 minute.

Dumbbell Board Rotation

A. Start in a plank position on a mat with your feet hip-width apart and your hands under your shoulders. Ability to hold a dumbbell in each hand.

B Rotate to face the left side of the room, raising the left arm until it is above the body in line with the shoulder, then return to the starting position.

VS Repeat on the right side.

Do AMRAP for 1 minute.

Bench crossing

A. Stand next to a bench or stepladder and place your right foot on the surface.

B Step on the right foot and lift the left leg up and over the bench or stool to briefly touch the ground behind the right leg, then return to the starting position.

VS Begin the movement one repetition at a time until building strength to maintain momentum for 30 seconds.

Do AMRAP for 30 seconds, then switch sides.

Route 2

One-legged pop-up

A. Stand in front of a bench or step stool and place the toe of the right foot behind the body on the raised surface in a lunge position.

B Bend supporting the left knee and touch the floor with the hands, then jump into the air, landing softly on the left foot and repeat to touch the floor.

Do AMRAP for 30 seconds, then switch sides.

One Leg Back Row-Fly Jumpsuit

A. Step forward on the right leg, holding the dumbbells in both hands as the hips hinge forward at the waist to form a letter T. (To modify: Stand on two legs with slight forward articulation and slightly bent knees.)

B Start with your arms hanging down and slightly forward. Bend the elbows and pull the dumbbells up to perform a row. Keep the elbows close to the sides, then lower them with control. He is a representative. Do three reps.

VS Raise your arms out to the sides until they’re parallel to the floor with a slight bend in the elbows, then lower them with control. He is a representative. Do three reps, then alternate rows.

D. Contract the glutes to stay stable on the right leg and keep the abdominals contracted to support the lower back during both movements.

Do AMRAP for 30 seconds, then switch sides.

One Leg Hamstring Curl

A. Lie on the floor with your hands on a mat and your feet on an exercise ball. Raise your hips, then lift your right leg up to the sky. (To modify: Keep both legs on the ball.)

B Use the left hamstring to roll the ball to the hips with control.

Do AMRAP for 30 seconds, then switch sides.


Russian twist

A. Sit on a mat holding a dumbbell in both hands with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. For more challenge, raise your feet a few inches off the floor with your knees bent (as demonstrated) or lift your feet off the floor and fully extend your straight legs into a V-sit.

B Use the core to rotate to the right, touching the dumbbell to the floor. Then, return to the center, pressing the dumbbell in front of the chest slightly before turning to the left and touching the dumbbell to the floor.

Do AMRAP for 1 minute.

Plank Circle Sliders

A. Start in a plank position with your feet hip-width apart on gliders or paper plates and your hands below your shoulders on a mat.

B Pull the knees towards the chest, then extend the legs fully out to the sides and wrap the legs behind the hips to finish in a plank position.

Do AMRAP for 1 minute.

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