Life insurance without exam: All you need to know

Life insurance without exam: All you need to know

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To get a no-exam life insurance policy, you can search online for simplified issue or guaranteed issue policies, which are relatively common.


Getting life insurance can help you pass on money to family or others beneficiaries after your death. But not all life insurance policies are the same. Not only can there be differences in factors such as monthly premiums and policy limitsbut there may also be varying requirements to qualify for a life insurance policy.

A road that some people take is obtaining a life insurance policy without an exam, meaning you don’t need to see a doctor to be eligible. If you don’t want to make an extra trip to the doctor or are worried that the test results will incur even higher costs, this may be a reasonable option.

Here is an overview of some of the best life insurance providers available.

Before making a final decision, let’s take a closer look at what no-exam life insurance policies are – and why you might consider going this route.

What is no exam life insurance?

No-exam life insurance can include several different types of life insurance that do not require medical exams to be covered. Here are two examples:

  • Simplified issue life insurance: This type of insurance can either be for term life insurance or whole life insurance. As their name suggests, these policies follow a simplified process. Rather than needing a medical exam, you can answer a few basic questions and get a decision online in just minutes.
  • Guaranteed issue life insurance: This type of policy generally applies to permanent life insurance policies. This is more for those with health issues and who may be older, so they can benefit those who want a guarantee to qualify, rather than being rejected following a medical examination . However, these policies usually have a waiting period of a few years, which means benefits may not kick in for someone who dies shortly after applying.

How to get a life insurance policy without an exam

To get a no-exam life insurance policy, you can search online for simplified issue or guaranteed issue policies, which are relatively common. You can also explore the offerings of different insurance companies, because even if an insurance provider uses different terminology, they may still allow coverage without an exam.

To learn more about the different types of life insurance policies and options, talk to an expert. Haven Life, a New York-based life insurance agency, can guide you through the process. All you need to do is answer a few basic questions to get a free quote.

Don’t assume that just because something isn’t specifically called a “no exam life insurance policy” doesn’t mean you need an exam. Regardless of what the provider calls the policy, check the fine print to see if you need a medical exam or not.

Some providers also offer options such as the ability to convert a term life insurance policy to a whole life insurance policy without the need for a medical exam. That’s not to say it’s always better to convert than to take out a new policy, but it might be worth considering.

How much does no exam life insurance cost?

No-exam life insurance policies generally cost significantly more than ones with a medical exam. This is because the insurer must take into account the additional risk that may arise from insufficient knowledge of your medical situation.

For example, with a large life insurance provider, a simplified issue life insurance policy for a term of 20 years/$500,000 for a healthy, non-smoking, 40-year-old female in California costs nearly $50 per month. In contrast, the same type of regular term life insurance policy with medical only has an estimated cost of $30 in monthly payments.

You can also compare prices and plans by browsing life insurance providers online and getting free quotes.

Is No Exam Life Insurance Worth It?

There may be a cost to the convenience of no exam life insurance policies. But it’s also possible that the economy is working in your favor. It’s possible that something will be uncovered during a medical exam that increases your risk to the insurer, thereby increasing your rates or perhaps even rendering you ineligible altogether. No-exam life insurance policies can also benefit to those who do not qualify for typical life insurance due to factors such as age or medical history.

However, if you are in relatively good health, meet the age requirements of a prospective insurer, and are comfortable seeing a doctor, this type of insurance may not be for you. , because you could get a lower price with the medical visit.

At the end of the line

Overall, a no-exam life insurance policy can help some high-risk people get life insurance or can be a good way to get coverage quickly. However, you may be able to find lower rates if you pass a medical exam, so it might be worth exploring your options to see what best suits your budget and goals.

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