Superheroes Wearing Scrubs: 8 Medical K-Dramas That Are Good for Your Heart

Superheroes Wearing Scrubs: 8 Medical K-Dramas That Are Good for Your Heart

There are ordinary people who have the ability to heal, heal, give hope and make you believe in the power of miracles. These extraordinary human beings don’t wave magic wands or supernatural powers, but wear scrubs and stethoscopes. Many of us, watching a medical K-drama, have cried, laughed, cheered and rooted for the on-screen medical personnel as they struggle with morality and mortality as well as their own personal challenges and failures. They take the hits but hold on, making people believe in the resilience of the human spirit.

Although the mere mention of hospitals and the sight of blood may chill you, on the other hand, there is something very uplifting and comforting about watching medical dramas, which are popular thanks to their emotional storytelling and impactful messages. So much so that some of us may have wondered at some point, “I would like to be a doctor too!” If you love medical dramas, check out these eight scrub superheroes whose stories are worth watching.

“Dr. Romantic”

One of the most popular and watched series “Dr. Romantic”, scores not only for its realistic and relatable subplots and storyline, but also for giving us one of the best doctors and mentors on screen. “Saving lives is my specialty,” says Dr. Kim, who is masterfully played by actor Han Suk Kyu.

Dr. Kim, or Boo Yong Joo, is the “Hand of God,” a genius maverick surgeon who never misses a beat, pulse, or disease. Although ostracized by the big players in the medical fraternity, he is dedicated to the cause of the dilapidated Doldam Hospital and is committed to saving lives and serving people. As young doctors reluctantly arrive in Doldam with their own insecurities, grudges and traumas, Dr. Kim’s romantic ideals initially come across as self-righteous and authoritarian, but he gradually rubs them off. He tells them, “If there’s anything worse than failure, it’s regret,” and nudges them to his deadpan side, pushing his team to test their limits and giving them self-confidence. He is a fearless mentor.

The show featured actors such as Ahn Hyo Seop and Lee Sung Kyung, who are both set to return for a third season, and it will be exciting to see the Doldam Crew roll up their sleeves to rescue and nurture those around them. . !

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“Good doctor”

Joo Won portrays the life of pediatric surgeon Park Shi On, an autistic scholar in the critically acclaimed 2013 drama series “Good Doctor.” Park Shi On has a brilliant memory and spatial skills although his emotional development is that of a child. In the hospital, his peers and patients mock him as unreliable and he is even referred to as a “soulless robot” as he tends to use his keen sense of intuition to think rather than feel. , but don’t a lot of people do it?

Park Shi on is far from perfect, as he is judgmental, but he makes mistakes along the way and evolves into a reliable and trustworthy surgeon. The drama isn’t preachy or heavy anywhere, but uses humor and a touch of romance to drive the story forward. Joo Won’s sensitive portrayal of Shi On has a lasting impact, and the romance between him and Moon Chae Won, who plays Cha Yoon Seo, is sure to put a smile on your face. The drama’s dynamic theme even spawned a remake with a popular American adaptation of the same name!

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“Hospital Reading List”

These doctors can wield the scalpel, strum the guitar and play the drums with ease. This drama follows the lives of five brilliant surgeons from “Yulje Medical Center”, who are not only best friends but also group members for 20 years since medical school. The drama has an impressive ensemble cast that features Jo Jung Suk as Lee Ik Jun, the goofy general surgeon who is also a single father; Yoo Yeon Seok as Ahn Jung Won, the endearing pediatrician; Jung Kyung Ho as Kim Jun Wan, the wry and compassionate cardio-thoracic surgeon; Kim Dae Myung as Yang Seok Hyung, the aloof and brusque gynecologist; and Jeon Mi Do as Chae Song Hwa, the team’s only girl and a neurosurgeon, multitasker and their favorite buddy.

While Yulje’s “Famous Five” deftly handle medical emergencies, they’re friends who are like family, teasing each other, fighting over the last bite of food, or arguing over which song to repeat. They are together, encouraging and comforting each other. “Hospital Playlist” is an ode to friendship and a reminder to nurture the relationships you have. After all, life’s best medicine is food, music, and laughter, and we’ve got plenty of those in this drama. It’s a celebration of life and everything in between.


One of the most underrated medical K-dramas, and as the name suggests, “Chocolate” is a metaphor for life and its many sweet and sour, sweet and bitter flavors. These flavors are portrayed through the lives of a neurosurgeon named Dr. Lee Kang (played by Yoon Kye Sang) and chef Moon Cha Young (played by Ha Ji Won).

Lee Kang is a neurosurgeon at his family hospital. He works hard but is an emotionally unavailable man, carrying grudges, resentments and regrets from the past. Manipulated by his dysfunctional family, Lee Kang gets caught up in an inherited power game with his cousin, but things change when he takes charge of a hospice and meets Moon Cha Young, with whom he has a childhood bond.

By caring for the gravely ill, he learns lessons of reconciliation, forgiveness and moral reinforcement. “The day you lost today is tomorrow for someone who died yesterday” is a lesson Lee Kang and Cha Young take away. Lee Kang seems as real as any of us and that’s what resonates the most. Food is also closely tied to the narrative. After all, a bowl of dumpling soup or jajangmyeon or kimchi stew can help the wounded soul. “Chocolate” is shot picturesquely and the storytelling is unhurried. And with the melodious background score, it makes for a relaxing watch.

“Ghost Doctor”

What happens when a super talented but arrogant and selfish doctor, Cha Young Min (played by Rain), possesses the body of a trainee named Go Seung Tak (played by Kim Bum), who, though born with a silver spoon, lacks the skill and expertise of a doctor? What follows is a series of misadventures, a few comedies of errors, and a lesson in human revolution for both. Cha Young Min realizes that in his height as “Dr. Golden Hands”, he had treated his patients as “profitable assets” – those who deserved to be cared for and those who were not. Not only he becomes a worthy mentor to Go Seung Tak, but he also helps him overcome his own fears and self-esteem issues.”Ghost Doctor” is a heartwarming and fun watch, and the bromance between Rain and Kim Bum gives the necessary shot of adrenaline!

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Yoo Hye Jung (played by Park Shin Hye), an unstable high school delinquent, has never had it easy, and the only person who cares about her well-being is her teacher Hong Ji Hong (played by Kim Rae Won ). Years later, while working as a neurosurgeon at a hospital, Hye Jung’s prickly personality keeps her on the sidelines until she meets her mentor Ji Hong again, who is now the chief medical officer at the hospital. ‘hospital. Although it sounds like a simple and straightforward story, this drama is endearing in many ways. Hye Jung is not a damsel in distress. She doesn’t need rescuing and she can take on gangsters with her bare hands, but when it comes to herself, she’s a self-critical mess that many can relate to. And Ji Hong, unlike the usual “Knight in Shining Armor” leads, tells Hye Jung not to care if people like her, but to be the person she likes. This drama has great review value as it gets the right amount of drama, romance, and humor to make it an enjoyable show.

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“Doctor John”

“Doctor John” tells the story of a brilliant anesthesiologist appointed Cha Yo Han (played by Ji Sung), who is sentenced for medical malpractice. He returns to the same hospital where he was revered as “Dr. 10 Seconds,” as that’s all it took him to diagnose patients. Although Dr. Cha himself suffers from an illness known as name of CIPA (he is unable to feel pain or temperature), he is sensitive to the pain of others and being an anesthetist makes him a painkiller of sorts.

This drama marks on many points, especially as it treats with sensitivity the controversial subject of euthanasia, giving the point of view of patients and their guardians. It highlights how doctors are emotionally invested in the lives of their patients. And Ji Sung gives a flawless performance as the empathetic Dr. Cha, who is a mentor and friend to those around him.

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“Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist”

Although this drama is set in the Joseon period, its story remains relevant. Yoo Se Poong (played by Kim Min Jae) is the royal acupuncturist, who is wrongfully banished from the palace after a plot. Like anyone else in his situation, he is traumatized and loses confidence in himself and his skills. Lost and discontented, Poong’s wanderings lead him to a village where he meets a young widow named Seo Eun Woo (played by Kim Hyang Gi), who defies societal norms to pursue her interest in medicine. Together with the village’s head doctor, the trio set about treating people.

What struck me the most about Poong is that he realizes that his goal is to heal people, regardless of status, and how hard work and skill can open up new doors, a much-needed life lesson for many of us in these trying times. The drama also shines a light on archaic laws relating to women and their social status, but its strength lies in a simple story, the quarrels between the villagers, and the easy relationship between Poong and Eun Woo. This drama makes you root for every character! “Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist” will return for a second season in January 2023.

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Hey Soompiers, which medical drama do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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