Here's how to do a workout in the middle of your workday

Here’s how to do a workout in the middle of your workday

At this point, there really are no more excuses for not working out, but a lot of people are still struggling to work out, but have you considered a lunch break workout? There are valid reasons for not working out: successfully juggling a demanding career and taking care of family commitments normally takes long hours out of your day. But whether you spend your precious free time managing a handful of fantasy football teams or keeping up to date with every new Netflix drama, that’s up to you.

And science has proven that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to a host of health issues. So if you still don’t want your training to work after work, why not during work, like, say, your lunch break?

If you have an hour to get away from it all in the middle of the afternoon, you have more than enough time to train solidly. Even with the drive to the gym, changing, showering and getting back to work that long, a 30-minute workout puts you back on the training track and puts you miles ahead of those waiting in line for a mid-day machioto.

A short workout is always better than no workout, and doing the long-term work leads to healthier habits that may lead you to find other ways to stretch out those 30 minutes.

The first step to creating an effective lunchtime workout starts with considering it as an option. Here’s how and why it might work for you.

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Why choose a lunch break workout?

Lunch break workouts don’t disrupt your family’s sleep or evening hobbies, or force you to go to bed early so you can get up earlier. You also get a mental break from work and a midday energy boost. Working out constantly improves your energy, which translates to increased focus and productivity. You may even find that you are more efficient during working hours and need to bring work home less often in the evenings and on weekends.

Committing to a lunch break workout also ensures you take your lunch break instead of working it. Even the smokers at your job take their breaks. Committing to taking a break sets boundaries around your work and your well-being.

Lunch break workouts are less likely to be skipped due to late nights and poor sleep or evening family or social commitments. A plus: you also avoid the chaos of crowded gyms in the early evening.

Gym options

Ideally, you will have access to a nearby gym. A lucky few will have a gym in their work building and an employer who considers health and wellness a priority. Most towns have gym options within walking or driving distance. Convenience is your top priority, even if equipment or amenities are lacking. If you can keep your total run time under 15-20 minutes, you have more than enough time to get a great workout. Search online for all the gym options in the immediate area. You might be surprised to find small private facilities or group exercise studios nearby. Some people hire a trainer or attend a class to commit to training.

More and more employers understand that healthy, active employees are often happier, more productive and take fewer days off. Employees who feel their employer values ​​them and have the ability to prioritize their fitness are less likely to leave. Many employers are more flexible on working hours as long as the work is done or you have worked the agreed hours. Arriving at the office 15 minutes early or staying 15 minutes late so that your lunch “hour” becomes 75 minutes creates more running time to get to and from the gym.

Talk to your supervisor, express your efforts to maintain your physical and mental health, your productivity and your energy, and offer a little more flexibility around your lunch hour, while assuring your boss that he will not take advantage of his generosity in the gym (nothing good will come if you turn an hour into a three-hour workout). Only the most myopic (or helpless) supervisors will refuse. If you’re the boss, learn to give yourself (and your employees) the time to put your health first. Business owners may be the worst at sacrificing health for the short-sighted illusion of productivity.

In the worst case where there is no reasonable option to join a gym, you can choose bodyweight circuits if you can find a space to hide and train. Celebrity trainer and Bodybuilding and fitness Cover athlete Don Saladino is one of many trainers who offer quality, inexpensive bodyweight training plans. Unless there are other options and with good weather, going for a walk on your lunch break can be one of the most energizing and health-enhancing behaviors.

Tactics for Creating an Effective Lunch Break Workout

You may think you need at least an hour for a good workout and you won’t bother trying if you don’t have that window. Working out even 30 minutes a day, especially from scratch, would be life changing. Even diehard gym diehards can do a lot with 30-45 minutes in a gym. We just have to change our tactics.

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