The Best Anti-Aging Facial Exercises That "Lift, Tone, and Sculpt" Loose Skin

The Best Anti-Aging Facial Exercises That “Lift, Tone, and Sculpt” Loose Skin

Looking for natural ways to help improve the appearance of your facial skin? Face yoga is a great workout for your facial muscles and has many benefits, “including getting a rejuvenated, glowing look.” Karin, founder and lead instructor of Glowinface Face Yoga programs, told how face yoga “helps naturally erase wrinkles and sagging skin by releasing tension, activating, lifting and toning facial muscles. She shared three facial yoga exercises for beginners that you can try at home.

Karin said there are 57 muscles on the face and they make up 60% of our facial structure. Then there is 20% skin, 10% bone and 10% fat.

Under the effect of gravity, our facial muscles begin to sag and lose volume. The skin is closely related to the muscles and always follows them. If your muscles are sagging, your skin will have no room to stretch and will become more and more wrinkled, but face yoga can help keep the muscles connected.

Karin explained: “Practicing Face Yoga increases blood circulation, bringing oxygen and vital nutrients not only to your muscles but also to the deeper layers of the skin (stimulating the production of collagen and elastin) and to the brain and internal glands.

“In this way, facial exercises sculpt, lift and tone your face, improve your skin’s elasticity, reduce acne and also reduce headaches, improve concentration, increase your energy levels and balance everything your body.”

Karin also talked about the main skin issues that women face as they age and how facial yoga can help reverse them. She said: “Without a doubt, the most visible problems during the aging process are wrinkles, sagging skin, dryness and dullness.

“The goal of facial exercises is to activate the muscles with the right movements and thus improve blood flow to every cell and improve lymphatic drainage.

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“In this way, facial exercises help speed up the regeneration process, stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin and, most importantly, release tension and strengthen your facial muscles which make up around 60% of your entire facial shape – no other technique (massage, cupping, gua-sha) can do this.

“When the muscles are stressed, they pull and pull on the bone, helping to preserve bone density which decreases with age, especially at menopause.

“When you work with your facial muscles, you also get other benefits, such as vagus nerve stimulation, hormone balancing, improved concentration and memory, and more,” she said. added.

Before getting into facial yoga, Karin had a piece of advice: “You can create more wrinkles if you don’t do facial exercises correctly. So be sure to use a mirror when you’re first starting out, to make sure you’re smoothing the skin with your hands instead of creasing it.

“The exercises I’m going to teach you are called Cat Eyes, Total Facelift and Bye Bye Double Chin. These are our basic anti-aging exercises that will help you get an idea of ​​what the practice of face yoga looks like.

“Make sure you hold each exercise for 30 seconds and repeat it three times. It will take you less than 10 minutes, and you will already feel your face working!

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A Beginner’s Guide to Coping in Yoga – Three Exercises

cat eyes

“This exercise focuses on the upper part of the face,” the expert said. “It eliminates wrinkles around the eyes, lifts the upper eyelids and clears blocked lymph from the lower eyelid.

“This exercise helps improve vision, balances the hormonal system, reduces headaches and provides energy.”

1. Place your palms on the temples and kiss the head with your fingers.

2. Check in the mirror to see if the tips of the palms cover the tips of your eyebrows – they have to!

3. Press the muscle first with your palms, then press back and up.

4. Close and squint intensely until you feel your muscle underneath working.

5. Your neck, shoulders and other facial muscles should be relaxed.

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Full facelift

Karin explained, “This facial yoga exercise rejuvenates, lifts and tones all 57 muscles of the face and neck. It reduces wrinkles on the face, neck and décolleté. The best time to implement this exercise into your routine is in the morning, as it boosts your energy, wakes you up, and clears your mind.

1. Make a long, narrow O with your mouth, then hold for a few seconds.

2. Next, firmly pull your upper and lower lip inward over your teeth and hold it there.

3. Hold the chin with your finger to keep your O long and narrow.

4. Then lift your cheeks from the corners of your mouth as if you want to smile.

5. Be careful not to create wrinkles around the eyes. To avoid this, you can place your fingers on the temples, then press the muscles and up.

Goodbye double chin

“Bye Bye Double Chin Facial Exercise firms and tones muscle groups in, around and under the chin,” the expert revealed. “It helps lift sagging cheeks and strengthens the entire jawline.

“It also reduces wrinkles on both sides of the chin, the so-called ‘puffiness’, it eliminates the double chin and smoothes the skin on the neck.”

1. Smile, open your mouth and make an “aaaa” sound.

2. Place your lower lip and corners over your lower teeth and press them inward.

3. Start pushing your jaw outward – as far as possible and try to lift the cheeks.

4. You should feel the resistance between your cheeks lifting and your jaw sticking out.

5. When your jaw can’t go further, cover the area around the mouth with two fingers on both sides to prevent wrinkles and hold.

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